The benefits of Managed Anti Virus.

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Are your staff or IT support being alerted as to the status of your Anti Virus systems? Are staff just ignoring alerts because they are too busy with their duties? Are your Anti Virus systems updating or maybe they have expired.

All these conditions make your computer systems vulnerable to attack.

With a Managed Cloud Anti Virus solution all configuration and management is done from via a web portal. The benefits of this is that the Managed Service Provider has visibility to how your Anti Virus systems are functioning, if there are any Virus infections, when the device was last seen to name a few.

This simple yet powerful approach leaves your business to continue with the tasks they are required to do without having to be concerned with whether or not their Anti Virus solution is working, if it needs to be updated, should they run a virus scan for example.

With the high probability these days of receiving a virus or malware via email, from USB keys attached to your computers or other media attached to your network it is critical to ensure your Anti Virus product is functioning as it should.

We offer an extremely cost effect, simple and powerful product that installs with minimal overhead on devices.

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