The importance of image based backups.

What are Image based backups?  

There are basically two types of backups that can be done for desktops and servers.

  • Data backups
  • Image based backups.

Only Imaged based backups are viable for recovering computer and server systems in case of a disaster. What type of backup is your business using?

Image based backups can be used to restore the computer or server system onto new hardware, onto the same repaired hardware or into a Cloud based system. Image based backups take a 'snap shot' of the systems at a point in time and then continue with incremental backups after this to always ensure the systems being backed up can be be restored in case of a disaster.

Data based backups only backup data so in the case of a disaster where the computer or server crashes and is unable to be recovered it takes a considerably longer time to get the systems operational again. Once the failed system is repaired or replaced then the Operating system has to be installed along with all the software then the data can be restored. How long can you business operate once a computer or server fails?

Other things to consider are:

  • Who is managing your backups?
  • Are they working?
  • Is someone getting alerts if the backups have failed?
  • Is someone taking backups off site in case of a disaster?

All these can be answered by utilising a Cloud Based Backup solution. We offer an extremely cost effective backup solution that is able to backup to local USB drives, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and to Cloud based storage or a combination of both local based storage and Cloud based storage (Hybrid).

With our product we can backup your Desktops and Servers as well as your Office 365 and Goggle G Suite mailboxes. We strongly recommend Image based backups however we can also implement Data Based backups if required.

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