Server migrations are the process of moving from one operating system
to another e.g. moving from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server
2012. Or the operating system maybe functioning fine and is still a
current version however the hardware is it running on is becoming old
and unstable.

Every business will need to do a server migration at some time due to
the fact that Operating Systems improve and older systems become
End Of Life and are not supported by Microsoft any longer. Or the
hardware becomes degraded and problematic. A good example is
Windows Server 2003 it is now End Of Life, since July 14 2015, the
operating system will keep operating but there will not be any more
security patches or bug fixes which can put your business at risk.

Server Migrations when done well through planning and skill are
basically seamless to the business but when done incorrectly can be
very distressing and severely impact the business operations.

Avorite have completed many Server Migrations and every one has been
a complete success causing minimal impact to business operations.
It is a risk to your business to rely on non experienced or poorly
skilled persons to carry out these tasks.

If you are requiring a server migration due to upgrades or to improve
your systems through better functionality which a more up to date
operating system can offer then contact us for a seamless experience.